“Elaina McMillan is the only speaker we bring in more than once a year. Her valuable content is surpassed only by her ability to connect and contribute to our members. Her wit and wisdom always delivers. We will continue to invite her back!”

-Sheryl McDowell
Assistant Director, Great Expectations

“We brought Elaina in to speak to the students in our diploma program and she didn’t disappoint. She left a lasting impression and her presentation truly had a positive impact on our students. Her use of hypnosis really made our students understand the message about exercising the power that is inside all of us. Her ability to relate to the students and the way in which she presented her information, allowed our students to leave with an increased level of self esteem, a positive mental attitude, and a desire to meet challenges in their life head on. We can’t wait to bring her back next year.”

-John Dixon
High School Diploma Program Coordinator
Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado

“Elaina McMillan was the most popular speaker at our Denver Singles Expo event. Of the eight well-known presenters, we received more compliments and requests for her than anyone else. Insightful and very funny, Elaina cut to the heart of the issue and presented sound advice with real solutions. We look forward to booking her again!”

-Dee Dee Brown
Producer, Denver Singles Expo

“We were thrilled to have Elaina McMillan speaking at our event. The audience loved her, and found her easy to relate to. Elaina helped our attendees shift some of their ideas and beliefs about who they were and what was possible in their lives. I’m looking forward to having her back at our event.”

-Michael Peak
Producer, Intrinsically Magnificent Seminar for Women


“She is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hypnosis. Her passion and exuberance set her apart from all the rest. I’ve worked with many experts in this field and I will always enthusiastically recommend Elaina McMillan!”
-Devin Scannura
Digital Publisher & Creator of Smashing Beliefs
“I had no idea how powerful Hypnosis was until Elaina was recommended to me by our pediatrician. She was very warm and easy to work with. Not only did she help our son get over his fear of needles, but she also eliminated my husband’s insomnia! It was a miracle!”
-Pam T.
“When I need to refer someone to a hypnotherapist, Elaina McMillan is my go-to gal. I’ve been a hypnotherapist for over ten years and I never hesitate recommending Elaina as one of best hypnotherapists I know. I often ask Elaina to speak at my events as she is also an excellent entertainer and brilliantly funny.”
 -Debra Berndt
CEO of Creative Mind Media
“I was skeptical of hypnotherapy at first, but knew the time was right to try.  I was having a procedure done that I had heard was terribly painful and was told that hypnosis could offer very effective pain mediation.  Elaina created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and then presented her prepared session.  I was very impressed by her professionalism and the outcome was excellent.  I don’t consider myself to have a high pain threshold, but I’m not sure what all the fuss was about!  The pain was easily manageable and I remained in a very calm state throughout.  Effective and professional, Elaina McMillan is wonderful Hypnotherapist!”
 -David S.


“Elaina’s services and insight has made an incredible impact in both my professional and personal life.  Elaina brings a variety of skill sets that was brought to everyone of our meeting sessions with such positive energy that I could not find elsewhere.  Through her professional experience and education, active listening, creative collaboration, and thought provoking exercises, we created multiple paths of solutions and answers that I continue to use in my daily routine.   I recommend Elaina to all the people I care about and she creates a safe and educational environment that creates impactful results. “
 – Paul J.

“I have had undeniable results! Elaina really knows when to make you examine yourself, and when to lighten it up and allow you to laugh at yourself. I am so grateful for her insight, her coaching, and her guidance. I have exceeded my own expectations. Thanks Elaina! I recommend you to everyone I meet!”

-Amanda M.

“Elaina McMillan has a direct wisdom that cuts through the garbage that clutters up our thoughts and emotions. She helps and heals with insight, humor, compassion and love.”

-Larry H.

“Elaina is a genius when it comes to addressing issues. Her insight, wit, and expertise takes you to the core of whatever blocks are hindering you. I know first hand how amazing her work is. If you really want to make some lasting changes, Elaina is the one!”

-Marilyn R.

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