Are You Choosing Your Beliefs, or Are They Choosing You?

Regardless of age, economics or ethnicity, things are true for us because we believe them, not because they are true. We hold beliefs about everything from our capabilities to our limitations, and it’s those very beliefs that will dictate our outcome.

Unfortunately, most of our beliefs are unconscious and inherited, often steeped in judgement, criticism and self doubt. As you begin to understand the direct thread from beliefs to outcome, you will learn to use this powerful formula to level up your thinking and boost your results.

The Program 

You don’t need to BE smarter, you simply need to THINK smarter. Discover a blueprint to enhance results by shifting your mindset. Limiting beliefs don’t have a chance once they are uncovered and upgraded.

A hallmark of Elaina’s work is that everyone leaves her events with an actionable formula they can implement immediately to advance the most important areas of their life. This unique and insightful keynote will help your group break free of subconscious patterns and predictable results in favor of producing measurable success.

Elaina’s Style

There is a special energy about Elaina that participants feel from start to finish. She has never met a stranger and that clearly comes through when she presents. Her authenticity and natural fluidity on stage make you feel like your having a conversation with your best friend. Elaina is warm, engaging, wise and witty. She blends her expertise in the thinking processes with her “secret nightlife” as a stand-up comic. Needless to say, there is never a dull moment!


The topic of how beliefs impact results is universal yet customized to meet your organization’s specific needs. Call to schedule your complimentary consult @ 303.475.4806 or for more information:

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