What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an intriguing and proven way to cause permanent and purposeful change. While it can seem mysterious, the principles are simple and effective. Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened suggestability in which the participant is able to align their subconscious beliefs with their conscious goals and intentions.

What Does This Mean for You?

Many of us (and by many of us, I mean all of us) will periodically make choices that will sabotage our goals. Whether personally or professionally, we’ve all done it and we’re predisposed to do it again. From time to time, it may even seem like the gap between what we want and what we are doing to get there is more like a chasm.

Why is that?

As we grow and develop into functional adults, we pick up countless beliefs – some positive and some negative. The positive beliefs are nice, but generally overshadowed by the negative beliefs which continue to bang around our subconscious minds, gathering evidence like a cartoon snowball rolling downhill. Many of those beliefs are about ourselves, mainly our capabilities and our limitations. We also have beliefs about love, money, and our health & wellbeing. Turns out, we have beliefs about everything important to us.

The Bad News – The subconscious always wins.

The Good News – There is a way to reprogram your subconscious to let go of limiting beliefs in favor of creating a new context to support your biggest goals.

Hypnosis has been endorsed by both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association. Find out if hypnotherapy is right for you.


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