Why Coaching Works

Most of us, while very good at dispensing sage advice to others, do not view our own challenges, obstacles and “learning opportunities” from the same well perched perspective. Instead, we experience our life through a unique lens determined by our personal desires, as well as our self doubts. A coach provides an unobstructed view, and a developmental process to help you break through perceived limitations in order to achieve mind blowing results.

Coaching with Elaina

Regardless of your current level of success, Elaina’s exclusive six month coaching program uses the following 5 key elements to help you dismantle what has held you back, kept you stuck, or caused your plateau.

-Pattern Interruption*

*Pattern interrupt is an intentional disruption of an old and ineffective habitual sequence, providing the opportunity for new and deliberate mental pathways to be created.

Coaching Structure

Step 1 – Coaching Agreement

This agreement is designed to address your distinct needs and desired results, clearly outlining the intentions and expectations of the coaching relationship.

Step 2 – Creation Meeting

In this inquiry, we determine the specific measurable results you are looking to create. This highly effective 90 minute session gives you the clarity and commitment to begin the process of stretching yourself beyond previous limitations.

Step 3 – Expect Miracles

As the process of creation begins, you will quickly notice a shift. Each time you break through a limiting belief, you discover access to new, unimaginable opportunities. What once seemed impossible becomes your new playground.


Coaching can be a powerful, life altering experience when client and coach are a good fit. Call to schedule your complimentary consult @ 303.475.4806 or for more information:

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